Rehana Khan

Product Designer & Illustrator San Francisco, CA

Mobile & Web UI/UX - Illustration / Brand System Illustration - Graphic Design - Prototyping - Freelancing

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When Rehana held her first crayon while watching her favorite animated movie, Disney's "The Little Mermaid", at the wee age of 4, the clouds parted and a bright Godly light shined upon her. It was written in her destiny. She was going to be an artist / designer! And despite all odds, she fought her way through obstacles and paper monsters with her mighty Crayon, which now leveled up into a mechanical pencil and Wacom Stylus, to show the world who she was always meant to be and she can conquer anything with scribbles and an imaginative mind!


Brand Illustrator & Product Designer II


Creating product illustrations to live within both mobile and web platforms for Grubhub, Seamless, & Eat24. Also creating Editorial Illustrations for Grubhub’s Medium blog. Providing assistance with Product Design when necessary.

Freelancer – Concept Artist, UI/UX, Graphic Design, etc


Emoji Stickers, Mobile game art, Design, UI/UX, Illustration, Graphic Design, Logo Design, Concept Design, etc

Product Designer, Illustrator, Graphic Designer

Yelp / Eat24

UI/UX Designer & Illustrator for Eat24 (iOS & Android & Web), Graphic Design for Print & Web (Business cards, flyers, email graphics, coupons, storyboards, presentations, billboards and bus ads).


Disney Interactive / Playdom

Worked on concept art & design as well as final 2d vector assets for Disney’s Gnometown, ESPN Sports Bar & Grill, and Alice in Wonderland for Social & Mobile gaming platforms.



Vector art game assets for Nightclub City & MyTown 2, DJ Rivals, and un-named project. Created concept art as well as UI/UX, Marketing banners & Graphics. Built various isometric game assets.

2D & 3D Artist


Character & Environment concept design. Designed and created the 3d model of main character “Glob” as well as variety of clothing and accessories. Helped with marketing graphics, and graphic design for trading cards & plush toy tags

Contract Motion Capture Technician

Imagemovers Digital

Worked on tracking and facial data cleanup from motion capture data on a daily basis for Robert Zemeckis' film “A Christmas Carol”


Ex’pression College

Bachelors of Applied Science

Majored in Animation & Visual Effects


Disney Nintendo KQED Gree OpenWager Lyft Eat24 Yelp Booyah! Solbrae Webb Design Swyft Media Foxtrot Games


Illustration UI/UX Product Design Graphic Design Concept Design Storyboarding Photography Prototyping UX Wireframes


Adobe Photoshop Sketch App Adobe Illustrator Adobe After Effects Autodesk Maya Principle